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The Ultimate Listing System

Yesterday I took a listing for $351,000. I never left my office, and it only took me about 5 minutes on the phone with the client. Oh, and I listed it for 8% in a market that typically lists for 6% or less. Okay, so maybe I spent a few minutes doing a CMA and writing an email for my records, but I didn't spend hours in the seller's kitchen, bragging about how great I am or how great my company is. In fact, I never even mentioned how good I am (and I happen to be great)!

Matt Jones
I'm the guy you may have heard about who listed 114 homes in my very first year in real estate, all at 8% or more! And I listed all but one for a one-year term. More importantly, I listed over almost all of them over the phone! Yes, you read that right -- over the phone.

Maybe you've read one of my books like The Ultimate Listing Presentation, Traffic: How to Sell Fast and Net More, or The NEW Ultimate Listing Presentation, or maybe you've taken either my on-site or online training. If you have, you know exactly how I did it. If not, you might be curious.

I'm happy to tell you, but I'm going to warn you up front that you'll probably laugh at just how simple it is. From start to finish it typically takes me less than half an hour, and I'm not exaggerating. Half an hour and the listing documents are perfect, and the company and the client both have executed copies for their records.

I know what you're thinking -- believe me, I've heard it a thousand times -- no way! Yes way! Let me walk you through my process step by step, and you'll see exactly how I do it.

First, it starts with the listing lead. No, I don't go after expireds or FSBOs, although I have listed both. In my books I go into great detail as to where I find listing leads, but suffice it to say that I rarely compete with another agent on a listing. Why compete if you don't have to?

Next, I send the seller a copy of my book Traffic: How to Sell Fast and Net More. If you are not familiar with it, this book is the companion to The Ultimate Listing Presentation, only it tailored for sellers, not agents. It is the ultimate pre-sale tool for my listing approach, because it answers many of the seller's questions in advance, and it educates them on the listing process and the various approaches used by agents today.

While giving the seller a day or two to read the book, I spend a few minutes and do the ultimate CMA using the exact method I describe in The Ultimate Listing Presentation and using a calculator that I developed specifically for this presentation.

After completing my CMA, I call the seller on the phone and I go through a ten to fifteen minute interview that normally ends in them wanting to list with me. I give them the option of listing either using my approach at 8% or using the traditional approach at 6%, and almost without fail, the client chooses my approach.

Then I have them go to their computer and log onto the Internet and I direct them to my List-EZ website. I talk them through the various documents and disclosures and have them fill in the online form fields. When they've finished, I have them click the "List My Home" button and just that quickly, the listing agreement is executed and copies are emailed to both the client and me.

Again, very simple and my clients love not having to waste hours listening to me drone on and on with the traditional listing presentation. I love it because I can list during my regular work day and leave the office at a reasonable time. And the bottom line is that the house is just as listed as it would be using a traditional approach and a face-to-face presentation, only using my approach the home will sell in half the time and the client will net more money.

After writing three books on the subject and teaching over 100,000 agents how to list using my system, it finally dawned on me that I should put the entire system together in one single package, complete with my document generating website, and make it all available to agents everywhere.

Here is what I've included in my List-EZ System:
That is a value of $299.40 plus the unlimited free coaching before you take the first listing or send out the first free copy of Traffic to a listing client. And I will send it all to you for $99.95 or a savings of over 66%! If you are really serious about turbo-charging your listing business then you know this is a tiny investment. Think about it, if you take only one listing at 8% the system has paid for itself for a lifetime. It really is a no-brainer.

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